Daughter of the fire and the sun

It's a kind of polyphonic painting, grave and subdued, as bright as a Moroccan earthenware pigmented with Marrakechsun, as cold as the polar mist of a Norwegian morning. Daughter of the fire and the sun, priestress of a barbarian wedding where the magic weapon would be cast in the forge to cut up the real and then put it back together again on the canvas in a blazing but also sharp and nervous movement elaborately worked to the end of an exhausting night. Odile Dhorme has been painting since she realized how vital it is for her internal music, for her balance as an artist but also as a committed woman . She isn't an art activist, she is only uncompromising with her movements whatever the price to pay. A rebellious nature which reminds us just like Klee or Kandinsky after the Bauhaus, that music is everywhere. She paints on Dead Can Dance, ethnic music, with few songs, no diva, nothing useless or easy. It is a very demanding polyphony which doesn't hide anything behind a verbiage of colours with its hackneyed pouncing patterns, its kind of art for art's sake.

Steel blue, bronze, red and warm colours furiously Mediterranean but typical French anxiety, truly Latin. Odile Dhorme works with her colours just as a witch would mix her philtres, discreetly, always knowing where the experiment will end. She has a complete mastery of the lines, a taste for the right pigment. She works with music playing and often by herself. She has a telluric and violent relationship with creation. Barefooted on a cold floor, she takes in her canvas. Her fragility, her doubts, the imperturbable way she has marked out for herself, her quiet determination not to yield to the requirements of marketing make her an unusual artist with a studied work even in big format. Here we catch up with her practice of sculpture, her hesitations even for a moment, faced with this art of modelling and non verbal communication. Polyphonic, gentle and sensual but as hard as granite when she has to convey the symphonic speech of a violent idea. Odile Dhorme's paintings are thought-provoking. They can upset and shake convictions.

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